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Falls and Mobility Problems

Falls and the fear of falling over can be a particular challenge for people who may be frail, unsteady on their feet or prone to seizures.

The risk of injury and damage caused by being on the floor and unable to summon help can be of real concern. We offer a range of products that help to detect falls, provide you with the means of summoning help and provide you with the reassurance you need to help keep you active and independent.

Please contact us if you would like further assistance or to discuss an individual need.

Call us on 0345 130 1469 for more information or to purchase any of these products.



The CareAssist is a portable telecare alarm that can receive telecare alerts and display not only the type of sensor activated but also either the location of the sensor and/or the name of the person the sensor has been assigned to.

Digital Care Alarm

Digital Care Alarm

Alarm calls to our Monitoring & Response Centre allow you to speak to our operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure you get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Vibby Fall Detector

Vibby detector

The Vibby is a light weight detector which can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. It gives confidence to users who may be at risk of falling.

Mindme Alarm


The Mindme pendant is a mobile GPS pendant – walking the dog, going to the shops or visiting friends.

Motion Lights

Motion Lights

A cost-effective solution to reducing the danger of walking around in the dark, which can result in falls and trips.

Remote Control Sockets


Remote control sockets enable appliances to be turned on and off without having to bend or stretch to reach them. This reduces the risk of falls or injury when plugs are in hard to reach places.

Bed or Chair Occupancy Sensor

Bed-Chair Sensor

This sensor is designed to alert the Monitoring & Response Centre if the user has not returned to their bed or chair after a pre-set time.

Canary Care


A complete package designed to reassure families that a loved one is living normally, reducing the need for constant phone calls or visits to check up. Ideal for anyone who is frail, isolated or lives alone.

Solar Security Light

Security Light

This inexpensive security lighting solution stores solar energy to a battery that lights up at night whenever there is movement in the area covered.

Mindme Locate

Mindme Locate is specially designed for people living with dementia or learning difficulties.

Pull Cord

Pull Cord

The pull cord gives the user the option of triggering their alarm and alerting the Monitoring & Response Centre to a situation from a static point in their home.

Request - Large Button Radio Alarm

Large Button Radio Alarm

Request, the large easy to press wireless call button. Sensitive enough to detect the slightest touch, it's a simple way to call for help easily, and with no wires it can be installed anywhere!