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Home Security

We all know that keeping our home secure is vital; the good old days of being able to go out and safely leave our doors unlocked are long since gone - if they ever truly existed.

Older people in particular can often be worried about crime, especially against person and property so we provide a range of products to help them feel safer and more secure at home.

Our range includes safe and secure access to the home, technology to help with bogus callers and security lighting for the home and garden.

Please contact us if you would like further assistance or to discuss an individual need.

Call us on 0345 130 1469 for more information or to purchase any of these products.

Digital Lifeline Service

Alarm calls to our Monitoring & Response Centre allow you to speak to our operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure you get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Bogus Caller Button

The bogus caller button is installed close to the front door and when activated by the user, allows the Monitoring & Response centre to listen in discretely to the situation and take the appropriate action.

Video Door Bell

The video door bell displays high quality live video and allows the user to see and have a two-way conversation with the visitor at their door, day or night.

Solar Security Light

This inexpensive security lighting solution stores solar energy to a battery that lights up at night whenever there is movement in the area covered.

Canary Care

A complete package designed to reassure families that a loved one is living normally, reducing the need for constant phone calls or visits to check up. Ideal for anyone who is frail, isolated or lives alone.

Movement Sensor

This sensor will detect and alert the Monitoring & Response Centre to movement and potential intruders in the home, ensuring swift action can be taken before loss or damage to property takes place

Key Safe

The key safe is a small box that is fixed to the outside of a property and contains keys to unlock entrance doors.

Motion Lights

A cost-effective solution to reducing the danger of walking around in the dark, which can result in falls and trips.