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Community Housing's data processors

To support Community Housing ("the Company") in delivering its Services, we may engage third party service providers to assist us with our data processing activities. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data controller, the third-party service provider is a data-processor for the Company.

This page identifies the data-processor, describes where they are located, and what services they provide to us. Before engaging any data-processor, we perform relevant due diligence, and do not engage a data-processor unless our quality standards are met. Our data-processors are all subject to contract terms that enforce compliance with applicable data protection laws.

The Company currently uses the following data-processors:

Data-Processor Service Provided Location Used By
Advance IT solutions Ltd Lone worker platform UK Community Housing TECs
Canary Care Ltd Passive monitoring platform UK Community Housing TECs
Careium UK Programming and GPS location platforms Sweden Community Housing TECs
Clicksend SMS services Australia Community Housing TECs
Enovation Group IT Systems support services UK Community Housing TECs
Minder Ltd GPS Location platform UK Community Housing TECs
Oysta Technologies Programming and GPS location platforms Western Europe Community Housing TECs
Shopify eCommerce services Canada Community Housing TECs
Yokeru AI proactive phone calling UK Community Housing TECs
Everylife Technologies Digital Care Plans UK Community Housing
IFF research Customer Satisfaction Surveys UK Community Housing
Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Service Provider UK Community Housing
MIMEcast Email Archiving and Hygiene UK Community Housing
Rostering Systems Ltd Scheduling and Planning system UK Community Housing
SolarWinds Cloud Service Provider UK Community Housing

Our business needs may change from time to time. For example, we may stop using a data-processor to consolidate and minimise our use of data-processors. Similarly, we may add or replace a data-processor if we believe that doing so will enhance our ability to deliver our Services. We will periodically update this page to reflect additions and removals to our list of data-processors.

For more information on the Companies privacy practices, please consult our Privacy Notice.