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Mindme Alarm


The Mindme pendant is a mobile GPS pendant – walking the dog, going to the shops or visiting friends.

A press of the button on this GPS enabled mobile pendant will connect you to our Monitoring Response Centre, and you can talk through the device and immediately get help.

  • Uses a multi-network SIM chip (instead of a SIM card) - so long as a mobile network exists the device will remain connected
  • Uses GPS to work out its location - accurate to about 10 metres
  • Sends location to Mindme secure servers around every 4 minutes. 10 minutes when stationary Two-way voice communication ensures the right help is available quickly
  • Battery lasts up to 48 hours
  • Simple to use charging unit with no fiddly connections
  • System sends e-mail when battery is down to 10% capacity
  • Ring fence option available – alarm will be tripped if user moves outside pre-set locations.

Call us on 0345 130 1469 for more information or to purchase this product.