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Request - Large Button Radio Alarm

Large Button Radio Alarm Large Button Radio Alarm

Request, the large easy to press wireless call button. Sensitive enough to detect the slightest touch, it's a simple way to call for help easily, and with no wires it can be installed anywhere!

Ideal for users with limited dexterity and mobility, it can be placed on any flat surface

  • How the product might help: A very easy way to call for help in an emergency, when someone has had a fall or is feeling an unwell
  • Who it might help: Someone with limited dexterity or movement. It can even be used by dogs for people with service dogs trained to call for help when needed
  • What conditions it might support: Arthritis, a range of conditions where pressing a button traditionally is not possible, wheelchair users etc.

Call us on 0345 130 1469 for more information or to purchase this product.