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Canary Care


A complete package designed to reassure families that a loved one is living normally, reducing the need for constant phone calls or visits to check up. Ideal for anyone who is frail, isolated or lives alone.

The complete package offers reassurance to families, reducing the need for constant phone calls or visits to check up on loved ones. This is perfect for people who are frail, isolated or live far away from family.

Canary works by monitoring movement, temperature and light levels. An alert is sent if anything unusual is detected, such as the service user not having been into the kitchen by 10am. Providing valuable insights to show families if loved ones are coping on their own or not.

Visitor cards can be given to regular visitors, such as carers and friends, providing a record of when they visited and the time they spent without affecting the monitoring of the service user.

Canary has its own built-in mobile connection so it doesn't need a telephone line or internet connection to be installed. The home hub unit will send minute by minute information to the highly secure Canary central system. Family and carers can have secure access to the information through easy to understand graphs.

For those who need that 24/7 support, Canary can be connected to our Monitoring & Response Centre.

We offer a comprehensive installation service with our installers able to give advice on the best locations to place sensors and guide you through the setting up of rules and alerts. They'll also show you some sample graphs to ensure you know how to interpret the information shown on them.

Call us on 0345 130 1469 for more information or to purchase this product.