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Client and installer

Technology Enabled Care Assessments

We carry out tailored assessments to provide solutions for service users in any care setting, which can help to improve quality of life and prevent the need for more costly and intensive support.

Our latest digital technology opens up a new world of possibilities for the provision of healthcare, changing lives and transforming services. TEC is being developed to ensure they are delivered in a way that's right for the end user, enabling them to feel more engaged and empowered to manage their own health.

We deliver and promote innovation, working with a range of global partners to provide the latest and most appropriate technologies.

Our expertise and experience means we deliver TECS that are managed and coordinated effectively, creating a smooth end-to-end experience for the user.

We have a range of technologies such as monitors, sensors and communication devices that can be monitored remotely and provide insight that can be acted on swiftly.

These kinds of technologies can support a range of scenarios:

  • Safety and reassurance
  • Assessment and rehabilitation
  • Supporting independence
  • Managing a health condition
  • Coming home from hospital
  • Supporting carers or family
  • Falls preventions
  • Communication
  • Improved home automation

Our specially trained TEC Coordinator will visit a service users’ home to discuss their needs and carry out an assessment of which technologies would help improve their health and wellbeing, and explain how they work. They will also review the situation on a regular basis to ensure the right technologies are in place if circumstances change.

For more information email or phone 0345 130 1469