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Home Automation

Home automation allows people with various disabilities or limitations to function as independently as possible by using devices that allow them to carry out day to day activities.

Such as switching on lights, opening curtains, turning on the TV and using a computer though a range of switches and sensors which can be operated with only limited movement, for example just using eye gaze or voice activation. Many of these solutions can also be used in conjunction with Telecare and link to our 24/7 Monitoring & Response centre.

Not only can this kind of technology provide greater independence but also it can prevent unwanted care calls to say just close curtains at night.

Each technology has its own unique features and benefits and by making a personalised assessment we can suggest the solutions for the individuals needs to achieve the very best outcomes.

These kind of technologies mean we can support more vulnerable people to live safely and independently at home for long as long as possible. For example, those living with dementia can be supported by many different technologies, such as automated sensors that check whether cookers have been left on or unattended.

Other benefits of home automation technologies are:

  • Improved independence
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Falls prevention
  • Improved comfort and convenience
  • Improved communication links