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What is TECS?

TECS stands for Technology Enabled Care Services

Historically, TECS has consisted largely of telecare and telehealth.

Telecare is a monitoring service that provides support and assistance using information and communication technology. It is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of customers by means of sensors to enable them to continue living independently in their own home or community accommodation. It includes the traditional pendant alarm worn on the wrist or around the neck which many people recognise and has been around for years.

Telehealth is the remote monitoring of and exchange of data between a service user and healthcare professionals using information gathered from medical devices in the home (for example, glucose levels for a diabetic or oxygen levels for a person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This information is used to inform both service users and clinicians of baseline history and alert them to potential issues arising at an early stage. This enables preventative or anticipatory interventions to be put in place to better manage long term conditions. Telehealth can also be commissioned by GP practices who need to access expert interpretation of cardiac monitoring of patients in their surgeries, allowing them to ensure that their patient is referred to the help that they need in a timely manner.

TECS has moved forward and is now used in wider aspects of people's lives. Digital, mobile technology can be used both inside and outside of the home, providing service users (ranging from young adults with additional needs, to older persons) and their families with peace of mind. In many instances, the equipment and services have the additional benefit of being adaptable and customisable to the specific needs of the individual.